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Felt Rugs

2007. június 25. - Vittore.

Hello my friends, today I am writing about felt and unique rugs.

Have you ever bought a rug on the Internet? You have not? It is a very simple and great mode to find an useful flat accessory. I have rugs in every rooms and I have to say that I can not live without them.

I have found the Uniguqrugs.co.uk website on the Internet where you can find unique rugs. Their mission is to deliver to us unique and handmade rugs.

At the site there are felt rugs as well. There are several subcategories as well, like Antique rugs, Oversized rugs, Runner rugs, Shyrdak rugs and Standard rugs.

One of my favourite rugs is the Blue Shyrdak Felt Rug. Its length is 148 cm, width is 88 cm and it came from Kyrgyzstan. It is a brand new rug. Its shape is rectangular, colour is blue and dye is natural. The material is 100% Felted wool.

As the site shows this handcrafted felted shirdak rug from the Tien shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, made by nomadic artisans who have been practising this craft in central Asia for centuries. Suitable to be used as either a rug or wall hanging, the rug is made by sewing contrasting felt patterns onto a felt base. This is an eco friendly rug made using an environmentally sound process and natural sustainable materials. The rug costs only 240 British pounds.

I have found a great video as well, here you can watch it and write me your comments and suggestions above the post. So, here is the video:


If you want to buy a new rug, I think this site will be a good choice to you. Please, just follow the link below and browse the page as I did it before. The site is here: Felt Rugs Handmade Rugs

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